Gabrielle & Brian's Bethesda Fountain Engagement Photoshoot

There’s nothing I love more than a sunrise photoshoot so when I find a couple that is keen to wake up early and take advantage of a crowd-less city, I get SO excited! I’m not sure that Brian knew what Gabrielle agreed to at the time, but they both showed up looking absolutely adorable and ready to capture some engagement photos! 

Gabrielle and Brian were such a pleasure to photograph! They were so low key and happy to try anything that they were truly a photographer’s dream. This was especially important because even though their engagement session was a sunrise, the heat and humidity were out in full force. This reminds me that I need to get better about uploading blog posts about sessions closer to when they actually happen. We’re well into fall now in New York and we all seem to have forgotten the brutal heat that weighed us down all summer. Believe me when I say it was hot but these two powered through as if it was just another mild morning in Central Park! 

Bethesda Terrace and Bethesda Fountain are two of the most iconic elements in central park so it is often difficult to capture photos there without a million other people in the background doing the same. Save for a few runners the morning of our shoot, Brian, Gabrielle and I had the area to ourselves! What a treat! We even were able to capture some photos at the Bow Bridge without the usual barrage of tourists looking to get those city skyline photos. I’ve never met a bridge or an arch that I didn’t love so you know I was all over this opportunity. 

The adoration that these two have for each other was such a pleasure to photograph, so I’m excited to see how these two decide to celebrate their wedding next year! 

I’m also excited to get back to Bethesda Terrace and photograph some more sunrise photoshoots in slightly cooler weather.


Meg & Randall's Central Park Maternity Photoshoot | New York, NY

Can I just say, I LOVE maternity shoots and I LOVE early morning sessions! When I met up with Meg and Randall for some early morning photos in Central Park, I knew that we were in for some amazing photos.

You wouldn’t know it from how big his smile is or how much he’s standing in photos, but the dad-to-be from this photoshoot had knee surgery a week before these photos were taken. I’m never one to back down from a challenge so Grandma came as a photo assistant and we made it work! Lucky for her she doesn’t live in New York full time or else I might have recruited Meg’s mom as my permanent photo assistant she was SO helpful!

With their positive attitudes and genuine love for each other, these two are sure to be the most amazing parents!


LeighAnne & Finn's Battery Park Photoshoot | New York, NY

We’d been having a straight week of bad weather here in New York so I was convinced I was going to have to reschedule this photoshoot. At the very last minute the sun came out and I was so happy to head to Battery Park for a pet photoshoot with LeighAnne and Finn!

Finn wasn’t a fan of the wet ground but as soon as he found out I had cheese on me, we were all set! He put on his most serious face and paid no attention to the crowds of people who were also out enjoying the nice weather by the water. Once he warmed up I finally got some photos of his goofy smile and got to see his playful and fun personality.

One of my favorite parts of pet photoshoots is getting photos of the whole family - pets and humans - so I was SO excited that LeighAnne wanted photos with Finn. He made sure to put on his serious face for the camera but you can tell how special their bond is.

By the time the rain started up again I was heading north on the subway and so grateful that the weather held out long enough for a successful Battery Park photoshoot!


University of Michigan Graduation | Ann Arbor Michigan

There’s something so exciting about graduations. I’m not sure whether it’s the feeling of success, the potential of new adventures or just the general feel of celebration but the good mood is contagious.

In true Michigan form, the weather kept us guessing until the very last minute whether it would cooperate or not. It wasn’t the warmest day but you cant’ tell from the smiles on this group (and it didn’t snow 🙌) I’m putting this one in the win column!

I even managed to get in a photo too thanks to my amazing friend  Audrey !

I even managed to get in a photo too thanks to my amazing friend Audrey!

Beth & Matt's Spring Photoshoot | Ann Arbor, Michigan

When Matt and Beth approached me asking for photos at the University of Michigan to remember their time living in Ann Arbor, I was thrilled! Lucky for me these two lovebirds are early risers who were keen to pretend they weren’t cold, despite the unusually cold Michigan weather.

The Law Quad at U of M is one of my favorite places on campus to do photos because there is something truly magical about the architecture and the light! Of course, we weren’t the only ones to think this, so we shared the space with some graduates who were out in droves that day in their cap and gowns. Matt and Beth were naturals in front of the camera though so we were able to maximize our time and get them back into their jackets in no time, with only the occasional dance break to warm up between photos!