LeighAnne & Finn's Battery Park Photoshoot | New York, NY

We’d been having a straight week of bad weather here in New York so I was convinced I was going to have to reschedule this photoshoot. At the very last minute the sun came out and I was so happy to head to Battery Park for a pet photoshoot with LeighAnne and Finn!

Finn wasn’t a fan of the wet ground but as soon as he found out I had cheese on me, we were all set! He put on his most serious face and paid no attention to the crowds of people who were also out enjoying the nice weather by the water. Once he warmed up I finally got some photos of his goofy smile and got to see his playful and fun personality.

One of my favorite parts of pet photoshoots is getting photos of the whole family - pets and humans - so I was SO excited that LeighAnne wanted photos with Finn. He made sure to put on his serious face for the camera but you can tell how special their bond is.

By the time the rain started up again I was heading north on the subway and so grateful that the weather held out long enough for a successful Battery Park photoshoot!